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Oh, hi! I’m Meghan. A dreamer, a laughter advocate, a doughnut enthusiast, a broken soul.
My forever life story is- “saved and ever held”. I walk forward because of knowing, that in Christ, grace is always greater, endings find beginnings, and there is no alone.

I’m a wedding photographer because I believe in “the everydays”, “the all the times”, “the whispered i love you’s”, and “the handholding”. Memories lasting over belongings, and the skipped over moments, made forever. I believe in this.


My heart is the happiest on the smaller roads, the unbeaten paths, with authentic souls, and truthful secrets. I choose the wildflowers over roses, the unknown over familiar, the deep words over chatter, the laughter over rubies. I believe in clients turned friends, and that every story has its own way of winding.

And for what it’s worth… I’m so glad you stopped by!